Business Summary


Financial Planning is the Core Service:

  • Answer the Basic Questions:
    1. How much do I need?
    2. Where will the income come from?
    3. What happens to my assets when I am gone?
  • Create a financial plan to benchmark progression overtime and provide framework to consider future "What If" scenarios
  • Protect the client from an industry that is riddled with conflict of interests and greed


Target Client:

  • Individuals / Couples between the ages of 50-70
  • Total investment portfolio in excess of $1 Million
  • Moderate to low risk tolerance
  • Primary Objective = Retirement Planning / Asset Management
  • Will consider relationship with younger client having fewer assets for reduced cost (Under $500K = $3,000, Under $1 Million = $4,000) if possible to grow into primary target

In-House Services:

  • Create Financial Plan and monitor client's objectives / needs and progression of plan overtime
  • Initial evaluation, recommendation and ongoing review of investment / insurance products and/or management services
  • Initiate and discuss the concept of long term care planning
  • Annual review of Estate Planning Documents to confirm documents reflect intended objectives
  • Maintain periodic contact with client to ensure existing plan components are appropriate for their current needs / goals
  • Due diligence of prospective advisors who could assist in the implementation of plan components and /or provide services


Fee Sharing / Referral Fees:

  • None
  • Relationship with TD Ameritrade exists to provide cost effective broker/dealer and custodial services for smaller accounts (wholesale rates)
  • Brendan Herlihy does have Life, Accident & Health brokerage license and will place life, disability and long term care insurance as requested and would receive scheduled commission as required by each state