Effective personal financial management is personal and requires a comprehensive examination and understanding of all areas of your financial affairs. When you hire our firm, you pay a flat annual fee, and we concentrate on understanding you and your current and future financial needs and objectives and developing strategies that are customized to you.

Limiting the number of new client relationships we start each year allows us to take the time we need to help you successfully achieve your financial goals. As part of our process we review your current financial position – insurance policies, investment portfolios, bank accounts, mortgage and /or loan agreements, employee benefit programs, tax returns, and estate planning documents – for strengths and possible weaknesses. We make financial projections based upon your current plan and provide you with customized recommendations and strategies that support your defined objectives.

Our financial guidance doesn’t stop with the plan’s recommendations and strategies. We continue our work together to make sure you understand your options, make decisions, benchmark your goals, and prioritize the steps you will take to manage your financial affairs. As solutions based and client-centric advisors, we are not focused on selling products, but where necessary, we recommend products and service providers that can help you achieve your goals.

We are also by your side to help you implement and monitor your plan over time. Inevitably, there will be changes in your life that present you with new opportunities and challenges. With our ongoing relationship and thorough understanding of you and your financial affairs, we are always ready and able to provide you with thoughtful and knowledgeable guidance as life unfolds.

“Effective financial planning is personal
      and cannot be mass produced…”